It has been for a long time I've posted anything. Many things happened in the last half year. First of all we started -among the first ones in Hungary- our little raw food business, Sületlenségek, which would be hard to translate. Basically it is a little game with the phrase. It means unbaked goodies and it also means silly things in Hungarian. We should work on it, finding a suitable translation, but it is difficult.
Anyway, we've done the first steps, and there is an exciting year waiting for us.

Finally the sun is shining today, but we have had ugly grey days for a week. It's not even snowy. Just grey, foggy, damp, rainy... It is hard to find the balance in these days. But colorful food can help. We had this nice seasonal salad a couple of days ago for dinner, with a light, pesto-like sauce which I tried to make a not too nutty one, and I also baked some buckwheat and spelt rolls. In winter time I feel like I need grains to warm up myself. Fruits make me cold, greens are limited, so it's a challenge for me stick to my chosen, raw food diet. I try to prepare various grains, as brown rice, millet, etc, and I prepare crackers with more sprouted spelt, oat, rye, but mostly buckwheat. It happened to us to loose our strength and let to some temptation, as buying some pastries, so I decided to warm up the oven again, it is still better having our own bread, than suffering of the absent of something wether it is rooted in physical or mental motivation.

The jokers of our winter days are wheatgrass juice and sprouts. These give us plenty of energy, keep clean our body. In the last two weeks I try to make green puddings instead of smoothies for breakfast, as the smoothies would have a too cold effect on me, so I use less water and more fruit, some dried fruits as well, such as figs, gojis, cranberries

Red cabbage salad (4 portions)

1/2 red cabbage
2 small kohlrabi (mine were very nice, crispy, sweet ones)
1 cup clover sprouts (or any other sprouts)

Rocket sauce:
1 bunch of rocket
4-6 pieces brazil nuts
lemon juce
1 parsnip
3 tbs pumpkinseed oil